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What Is Laser Toner Cartridge?

A toner cartridge, also called laser toner, is the consumable component of a laser printer. Toner cartridges contain toner powder, a fine, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon, and black or other coloring agents that make the actual image on the paper. The toner is transferred to paper via an electrostatically charged drum unit, and fused onto the paper by heated rollers during the printing process.

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What Is Ink Cartridge ?

An ink cartridge or inkjet cartridge is a component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink that is deposited onto paper during printing.

Each ink cartridge contains one or more ink reservoirs; certain producers also add electronic contacts and a chip that communicates with the printer.

They come in two types: black and colored. The latter contains cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks that are blended together to produce various colors.

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What Is Page Yield?
Page yield is the number of pages that can be printed with a cartridge. Estimated yield is a number published by manufacturers to provide consumers with an idea of how many pages they can expect from a cartridge.
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What is the Difference between Standard and XL Ink / X for Toner Cartridge?

Most manufacturers offer both a standard and an XL option for printing. The main difference between the XL and the standard is simply the amount of ink that is filled in the cartridge.

The benefits of using an XL cartridge are that you won't have to change the printer cartridge as often. The cost of printing may also be reduced as you getting better value for money.

the XL ink cartridge will be able to print at least double the pages of a regular cartridge.

It is important to make sure that your printer can handle both regular and XL versions of the inkjet cartridges.

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Take Care of Your Printer

Turn off when not in use

Turning appliances off when they’re not being used can make a dramatic impact on your energy consumption. Switching off your printer when you’re out of the office or house can also help with maintaining the high standard of your machine.

When the printer is turned on at the mains, heat is still being generated within the printer which can cause ink cartridges to clog. Turning the printer off completely can help to solve this and some machines have a built-in ‘sleep mode’ to prevent this from occurring.

Clean regularly

One of the simplest ways to maintain your printer is to clean it regularly. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the external parts of your machine to make sure that dust isn’t being collected.

Over time, a build-up of dust can cause your printer to be ineffective. This is because dust can cause the ink cartridges within the machine to clog, so cleaning a printer should form a key part of your maintenance routine.

You should be cautious about cleaning the inside of the machine yourself. If you attempt to dissemble the machine by yourself in order to clean it, you run the risk of voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

As you can see, maintaining a printer doesn’t necessarily have to be a long task. Simply taking a few minutes each week to clean your printer can make a huge difference and limit the chances of your business being negatively impacted.


Don’t overfill the paper tray and avoid them from getting damp

Do not place anything on top of your printer.

Use right consumables i.e. paper and cartridges

Every printer undergoes some wear and tear with time

The printer is a delicate machine treat it nicely and in a nice manner

When opening a printer, turn it off and avoid touching the moving parts.